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DC Scope

Management solution for virtualized servers

Easily improve your quality of service reducing up to 80% costs and your environmental footprint (less infrastructure, less consumption). A solution adapted to medium infrastructures with 70 to 2000 VM, in which the teams are very reduced and / or do not have time to well drive their virtualization under VMware.

A completely adapted to your needs solution

which analyzes the data of your virtualized infrastructure for you

DC Scope features

Key functions and features

Capacity planning Troubleshooting
Reports and dashboards (KPI) available (configurable according to your context – more than 50 pages accessible in one click) Host Failure Modeling
Monitoring of costs (by VM, by project …) possibility to refine on servers and datastores. BCP validation
Add / remove projects Prediction of resources saturation date
Rapid identification of the most consuming VMs of IOPS on the datastores Multi-vCenter analysis, standalone ESX
Power consumption analysis of physical and virtual servers Recommendations of adjustment based on „best practices“
Ability to analyze by time filters Possibility to analyze by filter elements (room, production environment, pool resources, VMware tags, etc …)
Automatic calculation of feasible optimizations Monitoring of VM / server configurations over time

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DC-Scope information


Install DC-Scope in 5 steps

1. Download the OVA and put it into your infrastructure
2. Configure an IP adress
3. Create a read-only account on the VCenter with special permission to the path of datastores
4. Connect to the interface and follow the wizard instruction
5. Contact us to get your licence key