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Following our mission and in response to the market challenges, we are continuously improving and enriching our solution. Each new version is the result of needs of our customers, vExperts and vSphere users and our aim in each update is to provide with an innovative solution that adapts to all [ +++ ]

A BIG THANK YOU to all the vExperts 2020 The superheroes in the VMware virtualization industry We at EasyVirt believe in the power of communities, we think that success is accomplished only by sharing and helping others to growth with us. We also believe that the success of every local [ +++ ]

What is the objective of this? Simple because creating virtual machines is quick and easy and after a few months they can become hundreds or even thousands. Once you create a virtual machine you normally have some information concerning its use and lifecycle: how long it is going to run? [ +++ ]

The new version of DC Scope® 7.2 is available! DC Scope® Version 7.2 is finally available. This new version keeps the tradition, philosophy and integrity of DC Scope® by delivering a powerful solution that meets the needs of vSphere users while keeping a simple and intuitive interface. Tested and reviewed [ +++ ]

This question may not always be easy to answer, but if we consider only the financial aspects, it is imperative to estimate the workloads costs on the Public Cloud and be able to compare it with the costs in the on-premise infrastructure.For a long time, companies have hesitated to delocate [ +++ ]

The event was a great opportunity to be closer to virtualization users but also to re-connect with clients, partners and bloggers. VMWorld Barcelona 2019 Two weeks after the VMWorld in Barcelona we are still impressed about the organization and the magnitude of the event. As we mentioned in our previous [ +++ ]

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