DC Scope 7.0: vExperts First impressions

Cedric Quillévéré one of the most well known vExperts in France, published on July 2nd an article about his first impressions of the new version of DC Scope 7.0.

Article vblog.io

Article vblog.io

His blog vblog.io is one of the most followed blogs by the french speaking community of VMware.

Here you have some interesting extracts from his publication:

DC Scope “is now able to take production environments of more than 10,000 VMs. Needless to say, from now on, Easyvirt expands from its historical SME segment to enter into almost frontal competition with VMware vROps and aiming for larger companies”.


Proof that DC Scope has everything of a big monitoring and capacity planning solution, the release of an API REST allows now , to its lucky users, to access many statistics and metrics from the solution in order to build customizable reports and/or dashboards with OpenSource products like Grafana or Kibana…

To read the complete article, please visit https://vblog.io/dcscope-v7-une-api-une-barre-de-recherche-et-des-graphes-encore-plus-precis/ .

We want to thank Cedric for this very interesting article! We will keep working to make from DC Scope the most intuitive monitor and operations manager solution for virtualization VMware.

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