Cloud Pricing

Cloud Pricing

What is the cost of each virtual machine in your infrastructure? With DC Scope® you can track the costs of virtual machines, servers, and clusters in your datacenter. This analysis will help you to understand the cost allocated, used, and wasted on your on-premise infrastructure and for each one of your clients/projects. If you are considering the migration of your on-premises virtual machines to the public cloud, DC Scope® allows you to determine the instance and the cost in the public cloud of OVH, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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Use cases

On-premise costs

In just a few steps, define the cost distribution of your resources. DC Scope will calculate the individual cost of your virtual machines, servers, servers, or projects. You can integrate this cost into your internal invoice system via our API.

Public Cloud migration

Estimate the cost of specific projects in the public cloud.

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware