The troubleshooting module of DC Scope® allows you to easily identify critical issues in your infrastructure, it provides you with accurate information on these issues and guides you in the process to overpass them. The troubleshooting module is intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive. Additionally, the alerts and notifications module allows you to define alerts not only for the metrics in your virtual machines but also in the evolution, trends, capacity planning, and other indicators in your infrastructure.

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Use cases

Service degradation

DC Scope® tracks the issues in your virtual machines and servers and defines which elements need more attention by categorizing the elements that have frequent problems.

Management alerts

DC Scope® allows you to create alerts concerning the saturation dates of your resources, the internal costs, and the status of your virtual machines.


Receive SNMP or email notifications when one or more alerts are triggered. Define special notifications for your managers when the capacity of your data center gets to 80% or when you have X days left before the saturation date of your cluster.

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware