Monitor and Operations Manager for vSphere.

DC Scope® is an intuitive and non intrusive solution for monitoring, optimization, capacity planning and cost management of VMware® virtualized infrastructures. The solution allows you to take control of your virtualization and improve the efficiency of your datacenter while reducing unnecessary costs.


    Identify the status and real activity of your infrastructure, as well as the consumption and capacity of the resources. Create automatic reports, identify the behaviour of VMs, and cost and performance of VMs in a project in a few clicks.


      Maximize your investments and save resources by following the recommendations of DC Scope. Easily recover wasted resources and save money while improving the performance of your infrastructure.

        Capacity Planning

        Anticipate saturation dates, identify the capacity of your infrastructure to support new projects. Simulate your Business Contingency and Continuity plans with a few clicks by running -What if?- scenarios.


          Identify issues in your infrastructure with the preventive and corrective analysis of DC Scope. The solution tracks the performance of VMs and servers and provides you a summary view of the resources and metrics in degradation.

            Cloud Pricing

            Track allocated, used and wasted cost in your VMs. If you are considering the Public Cloud, DC Scope provides you the costs and type of instances for your VMs in the Public Cloud of OVH Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

              And more..

              Treemaps, Graphs on demand, energy consumption, charge back, recommendations to resize and delete VMs, detailed and summarised views, Key Performance Indicators, simulations, multi-vCenters, multi-users, API support and more.

              KEY FUNCTIONS

                Reports and dashboards (KPI) available (configurable according to your context – more than 50 pages accessible in one click).   Host Failure Modeling.
                Monitoring of costs (by VM, by project…) possibility to refine on servers and datastores.   Simulate your Business Continuity Plan and/or Disaster Recovery Plan.
                Simulate Adding and/or removing elements (resources, projects) in the infrastructure.   Prediction of the saturation date of your compute resources.
                Quick identification of the VMs with high consumption rates in servers and datastores.   Multi-vCenter analysis, standalone ESX.
                Filter the analysis by period of time and/or elements (pool resources, tags, environments, server rooms, etc.)   Recommendations of adjustment based on best practices.
                Automatic calculation of gains in optimizations.   Monitoring of VMs and server configurations over time.