Our road to the VMWorld Barcelona 2019 – Episode 3

We are an effective and multicultural team with multiple experiences in the field of virtualization, IT consultory and Green IT.

Easyvirt will be participating in the VMWorld 2019 as a New Innovator! We will be presenting DC Scope®, the intuitive and cost-effective monitor and operations manager for VMware. In France DC Scope® has been widely known over the last years, but this time we will be taking our solution to the big leagues on the VMWorld 2019 in Barcelona.
Who are we? What are we doing? Why are we doing it? We are answering all these questions in a few short episodes!

Episode 3

Our development team

We are an effective and multicultural team with multiple experiences in the field of virtualization, IT consultory and Green IT. 

The diversity of our team has allowed us to develop a great work environment where we can learn new things everyday and where day to day challenges become opportunities to share experiences and ideas on how things are done in different areas.

This advantage of knowing about how things are handled in different areas led us to integrate a solution that aims to answer the main needs of virtualization users: from the banking sector to health institutions, retails and cloud providers. Some of them with the aim of reducing and track their internal IT costs, others with the goal of optimize IT resources and others with the objective to improve the performance of their datacenters, but in all cases, promoting a responsable use of technology and IT resources.

Jean-Marc Menaud, Frederic Dumont, Thierry Bernard and Frederico Alvares lead the development team of Easyvirt. They account together for more than 30 years of academic, professional and research experience in leading innovation centers in France and Europe.

Jean-Marc Menaud – Founder associate of EasyVirt

Professor-researcher at the Institut Mines Télécom Atlantique (IMT) and founding partner of EasyVirt, Jean-Marc has been working for more than 15 years on issues related to virtualization. You can find more info about Jean-Marc al : https://menaud.fr

Fédéric Dumont – Research and Development Engineer

Frédéric is PhD in Computer Science. One of his most important publications is: Synthesizing Realistic Cloud Workload Traces for Studying Dynamic Ressource System Management. You can find more info about Frédéric: https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01132126

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Thierry Bernard – Research and Development Engineer

Thierry worked  for more than 12 years at NEC Computers as a research and development engineer in the fields of virtualisation and cloud.

Frederico Alvares – Research and Development Engineer

Frederico is PhD in Computer Science. He has made several publications in international journals and he has participated in different workshops around software architecture, self-adaptive software systems, cloud computing and Green IT. You can find more info about Frederico at : https://team.inria.fr/ctrl-a/members/frederico-alvares/