With its 508,000 inhabitants spread over 19 cantons and 364 municipalities, Drôme is located in the heart of the great south-east of France and is one of the 12 departments of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. The Drôme department is a leader in social action and the municipalities’ first partner. The Drôme economy has a solid and varied industrial base, offering both traditional and innovative sectors, such as energy and digital technologies. The IT department is composed of 44 people, Management (2), a Studies and Development department (20), a Support department (14) an Infrastructures department (6), and an Organization and methods department (2). The technical infrastructure is implemented on 2 redundant data centers with 310 virtual machines.

I discovered EasyVirt during an event of the COTER (A French association that gathers territorial collectivities around issues related to IT and communications). It was during this event that we got to know Martin Dargent (CEO) of Easyvirt, and that, following a short introduction to DC Scope, we decided to test the solution in our infrastructure. The test was quickly conclusive and we purchase the solution a few weeks later. The most interesting aspects of the solution that impressed me during the first days were the ease of use of the solution, the detailed mapping of all our virtual machines as well as the sizing recommendations.

Optimal management of virtual machines and their resources was the initial and priority reason for purchasing DC Scope®. Having an optimal calibration of our VMs is very clearly the key element that seduced us with this solution. Commonly, software developers tend to oversize their machines to be, say, “relax” in terms of resources. This positioning is not without consequences and Easyvirt allows us to materialize and set up the necessary and sufficient configuration of our VMs and therefore to limit our consumption of resources (CPU, RAM, Disk, …).

The Green IT module recently developed by DC Scope® is also an important element for the department of Drôme. This major subject of digital frugality worried us but we had not yet had the opportunity to precisely determine and lay down our strategy on this aspect. We are in the process of finalizing our new 20.23 strategy and we have identified a specific program concerning Green-IT. DC Scope® and its Green IT module allow us to objectively measure our consumption and to adjust it as best as possible for our common good. It has already allowed us to have a map of our existing consumption, and elements that we did not consider until today.

The strengths of DC Scope® are with not doubt its ease of use, its vision tailored to infrastructure needs, and its ability to provide recommendations to improve performance and reduce wasted resources. The product is constantly evolving and enriching itself regularly. The competence and mastery of the tool by its editor, the relevance of the proposals for adjusting the machine configurations make it a very efficient tool.

EasyVirt is a very proactive French innovative company that knows how to anticipate future needs, the Green IT module is the perfect example. It is a real strong point. If I had just one small recommendation, it would be to visually lighten the dashboards. I strongly encourage IT departments and CIOs to discover and test this solution.