The IMA Group (Inter Mutuelles Assistance) designs, assembles and implements assistance solutions and services tailored to its customers. From emergency assistance to long-term support for beneficiaries, IMA offers a full range of services in the fields of the automobile, travel, leisure, housing, health, personal services, international mobility, consultancy, and customer relations. It serves more than 45 million beneficiaries and has more than 4,000 employees.

Cloud and automation are imperatives for IMA, as they are for many organizations now. Among other things, they allow to respond to various contextual issues, the capacity of IT environments can thus evolve more quickly, with fewer errors and higher responsiveness to the needs of the business. Within IMA, six employees are dedicated to the administration of the system infrastructure (storage, servers, virtualization). Our infrastructure today consists of around 800 VMs and all of them are driven by DC Scope®.

We had heard about DC Scope® on several occasions and mainly in the context of our participation in the various Vmug France. It was during the renewal of our VEEAM ONE license that a sales representative from our distributor Cheops suggested us to try DC Scope. This POC was easy to implement and we were quickly persuaded by the solution; in particular by its ease of use and implementation. Unlike other solutions, there are very few technical prerequisites; just download and launch the OVA. It is not necessary to deploy several environments (SQL server, presentation server, etc.).

The first need for IMA was the use of the “troubleshooting” module. It allows us to proactively bring out VMs before they appear in our monitoring system. We use DC Scope® more generally for infrastructure monitoring in general, often in conjunction with other complementary tools such as STOR2RDD. The solution is also available to our service provider in charge of MCO. We are not yet using the solution adequately on the aspects of capacity planning, capacity analysis, and optimizations. This is a project that we will start soon and we rely on DC Scope® to do it.

DC Scope® is with no doubt the easiest solution to install and use on the market. In two clicks, the information you are looking for is at your disposal. As a result, appropriation is rather easily seen naturally; and it’s easy to get back into the app. It is simple and efficient.

To go further with the solution, it would be interesting to have additional storage information. In this case, it would be necessary to provide connectors to storage arrays other than the datastores reassembled from the vCenter. The management of filters makes it easy to analyze the infrastructure by different entities and is very practical, it could be interesting if filters can be shared between users.

Given its price and its efficiency, DC Scope® is a profitable solution. The administration work is almost nonexistent, the full cost is much more interesting than many other solutions on the market. We are very satisfied with it and have already recommended it during meetings with our partners.