“DC Scope® of EasyVirt is a completely satisfactory solution for us because it brings us more performance and efficiency without adding investment from our part. Indeed, its innovative approach combining monthly expertise and software solution brings an outside perspective to take a step back and to analyze calmly over the time the virtualized infrastructure. The millions of data collected by DC Scope® and the expertise of EasyVirt allow us to make the decision informed and justified (for optimizations &  or investment).

This perspective enabled us to increase efficiency and anticipate potential problems in our servers. For example, DC Scope® allowed us to correlate “bad” user experience with a high level of CPU Ready; this analysis allowed us to decline a quick action plan to correct this problem.

With DC Scope®, we are in capacity to easily justify our investments with our managers using the KPI indicators and the Capacity Planning module.

In summary, DC Scope® brings many gains in different areas of our business. The support offered by EasyVirt is very interesting, and a real plus”.