Since May 2016, we have been using DC Scope®, EasyVirt’s virtualization solution. At CNIEG, our virtualized infrastructure is approximately around 300 VMs, we had resource constraints on our production and validation environments, the first objective was to optimize our fleet, in order to save space.

After a few days of use, DC Scope® highlighted the levers of optimizations (less active VM by priority level, unnecessary storage spaces, VM to resize …).

Thanks to the analysis we were able to achieve a significant optimization: removal of 56 VMDK Zombies, (savings of 280 GB of storage), unnecessary 30 VM removal (480 GB of storage) and resizing of 143 VMs (1 TB, almost a third of the total memory of our released park).

An interesting economy because in addition to improving the functioning of our infrastructure it has allowed us to sustain our park while being well certain of our capability needs and validate our resources.

The DC Scope® solution now allows us to control the infrastructure more easily; to use the different indicators provides and to set up a monthly management process. The goal is to avoid drifts and not fall back into our lives.

In conclusion, DC Scope® is very useful because it allows us to identify the problem of optimization, capacity planning and troubleshooting almost instantaneously, and its simple and visual interface makes it easier to use the solution.