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Chief information officer (CIO), production manager

EasyVirt, concrete and pragmatic answers:

Control of your infrastructure

Complete control of the activity to ensure and facilitate an optimal quality of service at the right cost

Integration of new projects

DC Scope allows you to manage current and new projets

Costs optimization

Cost control, including reduced costs of “run”, but also an investment optimization

Green IT

A display of commitments and sustainable development results

EasyVirt solutions allow you to easily switch to the action (no risk, with minimal costs…) and initiate virtuous processes:

  • Utilisation rate and risk analysis of your infrastructure
  • Management of your abilities and your new project management
  • Optimization of your current and future investments (timing, sizing servers and devices)
  • Improvement of IT efficiency, and therefore the environmental footprint
  • Identification of optimization levers: cutting waste
  • A cost analysis and chargeback
  • Reporting Direction (General, sustainable development, purchasing…)
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