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Looking for levers to optimize your company’s electricity consumption?

EasyVirt, concrete and proven solutions.

Electrical IT consumption drops

L’informatique représente maintenant dans les entreprises tertiaires, un des premiers poste de consommation. C’est un enjeu important. Nous sommes en capacité avec nos solutions et savoir faire de réduire de jusqu’à 50% cette consommation électrique.

Optimization lever

Our IT and energetic expertise allow us to suggest optimization levers suitable to all contexts of organizations.

Green IT

Our goal is to engage you in a prolonged decline in the carbon footprint of your IT compatible with your constraints. We have the ability to work together IT services and general services. Some of our solutions can surprise you…

IT Electrical Measurement

The first step to lower its power consumptions is to be able to measure and track them over time. We have simple and innovative solutions to do it…

The strength of our solutions (from the support of over 50 organizations) is the range of concrete answers, innovative and adapted to clients:

  • A measure of consumption of the whole IT (servers, switches, thin clients, PC…) without deploying physical probes
  • An analysis of the use (concrete elements of communication)
  • Some benchmark tools
  • Coaching and implementation of optimization measures
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