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Hosting and Data Center

Your issues:

Security and quality of service

Assure your customers a quality of service (QoS) and optimum security at the right cost.

Customer confidence

Reliability, consulting with your customers in order to maintain a lasting relationship with them.

Costs of optimization

To compete, you must be able to optimize all of your costs: investment, operation, electricity… EasyVirt brings you effective tools to optimize your operating expense.

Green IT

For your image, your costs, and your convictions you have to develop Green IT actions. EasyVirt is an expert in this field.

We bring you concrete and pragmatic answers on these issues:

  • Intake of solutions that provide added value to your customers: utilization, optimization, visibility of power consumption to a virtual machine (VM)
  • Creation of specific reports
  • Support on your overall management
  • A capacity analysis of physical and virtual servers
  • An optimization plan based on internal stress
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