VMware Virtual machine sizing – Video

Analyzing the resource consumption of virtual machines in the data center can help you to adjust the capacity of virtual machines. Resizing a virtual machine can improve its performance, release unused resources in the data center and reduce the costs in the infrastructure.

Finding the right balance between performance and cost-efficiency is a critical matter for system administrators. Every decision that involves the IT infrastructure must be based on factual data that includes the consumption of resources by the virtual machines as well as their performance. That is why at Easyvirt, our priority is to provide you with the large visibility of your virtual infrastructure as well as adapted recommendations to each specific environment in your infrastructure.

With DC Scope you can improve the efficiency of your data center, reduce the cost of your infrastructure and reduce the environmental impact of your data center.

In this video of our series Managing vSphere with DC Scope, we show you how DC Scope can help you to resize virtual machines in your infrastructure, recover unused resources and identify the cost of these optimizations.

“Hello and welcome to our series: Managing vSphere with DC Scope.

Today we will see how to resize your virtual machines. Virtual machines are often poorly sized, but making sure each element is allocated the right amount of CPU and RAM would allow the installation to be more efficient and performant. To know what you can do to resize efficiently, click on the recommendation module on the left tab.

Now, we need to go to the Resizing section. Here, you can see the top 10 of the VM you should resize. If you want details for each VM, click here.
You can get recommendations about the CPU, the RAM, or the DISK for each VM.
For instance, for the VM 1052, DC Scopes recommends allocating it 2 vcpu less. For VM 1006, DC Scope recommends setting its allocation to 6144 megabytes. And for the VM 100, which is idle, it is recommended to delete it if it is not used

DC Scope has read-only access to your vCenter and therefore it cannot modify directly your VMs. However, you can download the script that will allow you to make modifications. To do that, click on export Powershell. Then, you can select the virtual machines you want to resize and obtain the script by clicking on Export.

It will download the script and you just have to execute it. That was How to resize your virtual machines with DC Scope.
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