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Let’s look at this from another angle

We at EasyVirt believe that the current challenge that the world is facing is an opportunity to rediscover our values and our identities. We also believe that this challenging moment is an opportunity to generate new ties, gain new knowledge and learn new things from the people around us.

That is why we have come up with a plan to share some of our knowledge and present you with different subjects around Virtualization. We have prepared a series of webinars of different topics that will help us to learn a little bit more of how to monitor and manage vSphere infrastructures.

The idea is simple:


Webinar per week




People per session



Tuesday March 24th – 11:00 am CET

Best practices for virtualization management: Three practices to save money and optimize resources
Monitoring vs. deep monitoring.

How the documentation, resource management and capacity planning can improve the efficiency and reduce costs in your datacenter.

Tuesday March 31st – 11:00 am CET

Resource management: from endless spreadsheets to proactive capacity planning
What is the capacity of my datacenter? Where are my resources being used? How to understand committed resources in virtualization?

Tuesday April 7th – 11:00 am CET

Virtualization + Green IT: Let's check our environmental impact
While virtualization reduced the IT environmental impact by creating virtual machines, its lack of management can be generating a trampoline effect in the purchasing of servers.

Please select the webinar you are interested and fill out the form to register. You will receive a confirmation email after the submission of the form. A limited number of places is available for each session.

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March 24th – 11:00am CET > Best practices for virtualization management.March 31st – 11:00am CET > Resource management.April 7th – 11:00am CET > Virtualization + Green IT.