DC Scope

Operations Manager for vSphere

Improve the efficiency of your data center and reduce costs

DC Scope®

DC Scope® allows you to manage your vSphere infrastructure without complexity. It enhances the visibility over your data center, provides key data to increase the efficiency of your servers and enrich the decision making by providing real information about the behavior of your virtual machines.

From its intuitive interface, you can monitor your virtual machines, detect anomalies in your servers, follow the distribution of costs in your data centers, and more. The solution allows you to easily anticipate the need for resources and to simulate the addition of workloads and resources to your infrastructure.

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Key Features

  • Monitor
  • Optimization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Cloud Pricing
  • Reports
  • Other features

Metrics - Granular logs - Alerts

DC Scope® collects, stores, and analyses the most relevant metrics of your infrastructure. It identifies issues that affect the performance of your virtual machines, servers, datastores, and data centers. With the help of DC Scope® logs and graphs on-demand, you can then go back in time to check the status of your infrastructure at any particular time.

VM Sprawl – Resizing - Cost reduction – Improved efficiency

DC Scope® analyses the behaviour your infrastructure, and provide you with recommendations to improve the performance and reduce the waste of resources. It will help you to optimize virtual machines, servers and clusters by guiding you through the process of deletion, resizing or consolidation of elements. DC Scope® will help you to reclaim IT resources, improve data center efficiency and save costs.

Alerts - Notifications - Degradation trends

The troubleshooting module of DC Scope® allows you to easily identify critical issues in your infrastructure, it provides you with accurate information on these issues and guides you in the process to overpass them. The troubleshooting module is intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive. Additionally, the alerts and notifications module allows you to define alerts not only for the metrics in your virtual machines but also in the evolution, trends, capacity planning, and other indicators in your infrastructure.

Simulations – Evolution trends – Anticipate resource needs.

DC Scope® helps you to make the right investment decisions and anticipate the risks and needs of your projects by analysing the evolution and trends of growth in your infrastructure. With DC Scope® you can easily simulate What if? Scenarios to test the deletion or deployment of virtual machines, servers, or datastores in your infrastructure.

On-premise and public cloud costs

What is the cost of each virtual machine in your infrastructure? With DC Scope® you can track the costs of virtual machines, servers, and clusters in your data center. This analysis will help you to understand the cost allocated, used, and wasted on your on-premise infrastructure and for each one of your clients/projects. If you are considering the migration of your on-premises virtual machines to the public cloud, DC Scope® allows you to determine the instance and the cost in the public cloud of OVH, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Automatic reporting - KPI - API

The KPI module of DC Scope® allows you to track the evolution of Activity, Capacity, Costs, and Health Status of your infrastructure. Additionally, with the reporting module, you will be able to set up automatic reports to track detailed information about your data center.

Green IT - APIs

Graphs on-demand, energy consumption, charge back, recommendations to resize and delete VMs, detailed and summarised views, Key Performance Indicators, simulations, multi-vCenters, multi-users, API support and more.

Why are we different?

There are other popular and over-priced tools in the market, but they tend to add more complexity to the operations. DC Scope® has been developed from the real needs of system administrators and CTOs; offering the functionalities needed in the administration of the virtual machines and the direction of the infrastructure.

Fast ROI

DC Scope® allows you to resize virtual machines and consolidate servers in order to increase the efficiency of your data center.

Easy to install

Just one OVA to deploy. No need of agents on the virtual machines.


Developed to answer the common problems for system administrators, without adding complexity to the operations


DC Scope® is an affordable solution licensed per number of virtual machines in the data center.

Ready to use

DC Scope® starts to collect metrics right after the installation and provides the analysis you need in predefined dashboards.


No configurations needed. DC Scope® will start collecting metrics after its installation.

Packaged solution

All modules and functionalities in the same appliance.

Granular information

We collect and store in our own database granular metrics of your virtual machines.


City of Niort

“The use of management solution for virtual machines DC Scope® of EasyVirt helps us to optimize the use of our resources poles. At a glance, we identify all the virtual machines (virtual machines) to be analyzed by levels of priority (virtual machines to extinguish, resizing, moving, risk …), allowing us to become more efficient […… Read More »City of Niort

Metropole of Nantes

“Before installing DC Scope®, we knew that we did not manage correctly our infrastructure – with more than 300 virtual machines-, mainly due to the lack of time and simple solutions to do it. With DC Scope® we have a new vision of our virtual machines, servers and clusters that allow us now to rationalize… Read More »Metropole of Nantes


“DC Scope® of EasyVirt is a completely satisfactory solution for us because it brings us more performance and efficiency without adding investment from our part. Indeed, its innovative approach combining monthly expertise and software solution brings an outside perspective to take a step back and to analyze calmly over the time the virtualized infrastructure. The… Read More »Soregies

The Metropole of Le Mans

“We knew about EasyVirt thanks to one of our distributors, that offered us their solution DC Scope®. At the time, the DC Scope® was interesting for us as we were looking for a way to optimize the RAM and CPU in our virtual machines and delay the renewal of our VMware infrastructure. DC Scope® met… Read More »The Metropole of Le Mans

INSA Rouen

“Our first contact with EasyVirt was made through the operation of the ADEME (French Environment Agency) to understand Green IT inside organizations. Firstly, DC Scope® helped us in the creation of reports and indicators for the CTO and managers in the company. In addition, it gave us a clear view of our virtualization infrastructure in terms… Read More »INSA Rouen

French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA

” I met EasyVirt during an audit on the energy consumption of our IT infrastructure at our research center located in Betton”.I had a very good connection with the CEO of Easyvirt and we decided to meet later, in order to know other activities of Easyvirt: it was then when I discovered DC Scope®… Read More »French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA


The superheroes in the VMware virtualization industry We at EasyVirt believe in the power of communities, we think that success is accomplished only by sharing and helping others to grow with us. We also believe that the success of every local VMUG, Usercon, and the annual VMWorld relies on the [ +++ ]

A new version of DC Scope is now available for download. This new version brings us to our roots of Green IT and sustainable development by adding a new module to measure, track, and reduce the IT environmental footprint of data centers. This unique approach takes into account the infrastructure [ +++ ]

  Selected by a panel of experts from Capgemini and Efma, Easyvirt is proud to be part of the Efma-Capgemini 2020 Watchlist of New Financial Technologies. This list includes 100 new financial technologies around the world that are helping to reshape the financial services landscape in the near future. A [ +++ ]

Following our mission and in response to the market challenges, we are continuously improving and enriching our solution. Each new version is the result of needs of our customers, vExperts and vSphere users and our aim in each update is to provide with an innovative solution that adapts to all [ +++ ]

Last week we had the chance to participate in an online VMUG with the community in Colombia. The event took place on the 27th of May and started around 18:00 (Colombian time). It had the participation of more than 50 attendees from different regions of the Cafeteros country. The sessions [ +++ ]

Following our mission and in response to the market challenges, we are continuously improving and enriching our solution. Each new version is the result of needs of our customers, vExperts and vSphere users and our aim in each update is to provide with an innovative solution that adapts to all [ +++ ]

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware