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DC Scope®

Operations Manager

DC NetScope®

Network insight

CO2 Scope®

CO2 impact of IT

Network flows Dependencies Protocols Ports
DC NetScope® provides network insights into the different network layers in VMware infrastructures. The solution provides operational and interactive views of network flows virtual machines involved, metrics, ports, and protocols.
Optimization Capacity Planning FinOps
DC Scope® allows you to manage your vSphere infrastructure without complexity. It enhances the visibility over your data center, provides key data to increase the efficiency of your servers, and enriches the decision-making by providing real information about the behavior of your virtual machines.
Datacenter CO2 Emissions Automatic KPIs Green IT
CO2Scope® is a solution to monitor in real-time the CO2 emissions of IT services, virtual machines, and servers. Providing automatic KPI, recommendations, and guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of IT, and involving technical and management objectives.


VMworld is now VMware Explore

For the second time, we will be present during the event, showcasing our most recent DC Scope upgrades, which include new tools for managing instances on the AWS and Azure public clouds. Enabling DC Scope to offer FinOps, CloudOps, and GreenOps analysis in a single application. Since our last participation...

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Capacity Planner VMware

VMware Capacity Planner with DC Scope

DC Scope allows you to identify the resource needs in your VMware vSphere environment thanks to its Capacity Planning functionality. With just a few clicks, you can simulate the addition, removal, or consolidation of your virtual machines, servers, and data stores.

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Usercon Italy 2022

The VMUG UserCon Italy 2022 will be held at the Melia Milano, in Milan on October 12th. The event, organized by the VMware User Group (VMUG), is an extraordinary opportunity to share knowledge about VMware technologies, and get in touch with other VMware users in Italy. This year, EasyVirt will...

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VMware Explore 2022 Barcelona

VMware Explore 2022 After two years of digital events, webinars, hours in Zoom, Webex, Google Meets, and other videoconference applications the former VMworld and now VMware Explore will be back as an in-person event in Barcelona with a new format: the “center of the multi-cloud universe”. For this year’s the...

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CPU Ready Report

Are you experiencing performance issues in the virtual machines in your VMware environment? ? It is likely that the CPU ready is the cause due to an over-allocation of resources. With DC Scope, you identify issues related to CPU ready in just a few clicks. It is very tempting to...

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A big congratulations to all the vExperts 2022 !

We at EasyVirt believe in the power of community and that success is achieved by sharing. Bloggers, authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, community leaders, administrators, independent consultants, technology enthusiasts… vExperts dedicate their time to share their knowledge and skills to help others grow. We are delighted to offer all the vExperts...

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