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Efficient & Sustainable IT


DC Scope®

Operations Manager

DC NetScope®

Network insight

CO2 Scope®

CO2 impact of IT

Network flows Dependencies Protocols Ports
DC NetScope® provides network insights into the different network layers in VMware infrastructures. The solution provides operational and interactive views of network flows virtual machines involved, metrics, ports, and protocols.
Optimization Capacity Planning FinOps
DC Scope® allows you to manage your vSphere infrastructure without complexity. It enhances the visibility over your data center, provides key data to increase the efficiency of your servers, and enriches the decision-making by providing real information about the behavior of your virtual machines.
Datacenter CO2 Emissions Automatic KPIs Green IT
CO2Scope® is a solution to monitor in real-time the CO2 emissions of IT services, virtual machines, and servers. Providing automatic KPI, recommendations, and guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of IT, and involving technical and management objectives.


A big congratulations to all the vExperts 2022 !

We at EasyVirt believe in the power of community and that success is achieved by sharing. Bloggers, authors, VMUG leaders, speakers, community leaders, administrators, independent consultants, technology enthusiasts… vExperts dedicate their time to share their knowledge and skills to help others grow. We are delighted to offer all the vExperts...

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Why is it important to manage the VMware environment?

VMware virtualization has been widely implemented in all types of organizations, and with the boom of digital transformation that the COVID-19 imposed, organizations have both migrated from legacy physical servers to VMware virtualized servers and increased the number of virtual machines in their infrastructures. Despite VMware virtualization is a highly...

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Equipe EasyVirt

10 years of evolution, meeting the challenges of virtualization.

10 years of evolution, meeting the challenges of virtualization. EasyVirt is an innovative company that started with an idea, to reduce the number of servers in the datacenters by properly managing the virtualization. This idea was developed by Jean-Marc Menaud, CTO and founding partner, and Martin Dargent CEO and co-founder...

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How to optimize the costs of your VMware infrastructure?

How to optimize the costs of your VMware infrastructure? – Video

How much do my virtual machines cost? How to reduce the cost of virtual machines? With DC Scope, you can easily analyze your entire VMware infrastructure, discover the cost of your on-premise environment, reduce the cost by following DC Scope optimizations, and estimate the cost of your datacenters, cluster, servers,...

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Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware