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DC Scope® 8 available now!

DC Scope® V.8 is available now! Today is the day, the new version of DC Scope is available for download. With the development of the cloud industry, infrastructures can quickly grow and reach critical stages, making their management complex and requiring preventive and proactive maintenance rather than corrective. With DC...

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VMware vExpert 2021

A BIG THANK YOU to all the vExperts 2021

The superheroes in the VMware virtualization industry We at EasyVirt believe in the power of communities, we think that success is accomplished only by sharing and helping others to grow with us. We also believe that the success of every local VMUG, Usercon, and the annual VMWorld relies on the...

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DC Scope 7.4.1 is available

A new version of DC Scope is now available for download. This new version brings us to our roots of Green IT and sustainable development by adding a new module to measure, track, and reduce the IT environmental footprint of data centers. This unique approach takes into account the infrastructure...

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Selected by a panel of experts from Capgemini and Efma, Easyvirt is proud to be part of the Efma-Capgemini 2020 Watchlist of New Financial Technologies. This list includes 100 new financial technologies around the world that are helping to reshape the financial services landscape in the near future. A new...

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DC Scope® 7.3.1 is available now!

Following our mission and in response to the market challenges, we are continuously improving and enriching our solution. Each new version is the result of needs of our customers, vExperts and vSphere users and our aim in each update is to provide with an innovative solution that adapts to all...

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Online VMUG with the community in Colombia.

Last week we had the chance to participate in an online VMUG with the community in Colombia. The event took place on the 27th of May and started around 18:00 (Colombian time). It had the participation of more than 50 attendees from different regions of the Cafeteros country. The sessions...

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