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UK VMUG Usercon 27 November 2019 09:00 - 18:00 National Space Centre - Exploration Drive - Leicester LE4 SNS [ +++ ]

For this last entry we wanted to highlight our work with the VMUG community and we have found someone in the France VMUG community that wanted to share his experience with Easyvirt and DC Scope®. Our road to VMWorld Barcelona 2019 Easyvirt will be participating in the VMWorld 2019 as [ +++ ]

DC Scope® improves the visibility you have over your infrastructure, enhance the communications in your team and provides you with factual information of the status of your datacenter. The solution allows you to make informed decisions and with real information of the behaviour of your infrastructure. Easyvirt will be participating [ +++ ]

We want you to recover the control of your VMware virtualization and focus on your real business needs. We want you to efficiently use your IT resources improving the performance and reducing the waste of IT resources and energy. Easyvirt will be participating in the VMWorld 2019 as a New [ +++ ]

We are an effective and multicultural team with multiple experiences in the field of virtualization, IT consultory and Green IT. Easyvirt will be participating in the VMWorld 2019 as a New Innovator! We will be presenting DC Scope®, the intuitive and cost-effective monitor and operations manager for VMware. In France [ +++ ]

At Easyvirt we are committed to a better understanding of Green IT, and that is why our solutions are designed to promote efficiency and responsable use of IT equipment by improving the performance of datacenters while reducing the waste of resources as hardware, energy and money. Easyvirt will be participating [ +++ ]

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