Deploy the OVA

Download the OVA of DC Scope and deploy it in your infrastructure.

Connect to DC Scope

Connect to the IP address of DC Scope and follow the installation wizard.

DC Scope is running

At the end of the installation you will be directed to the interface of DC Scope.

  • Quick installation

    DC Scope is installed in less than 15 minutes (the time of deploying the OVA). After that, it automatically starts collecting information from your datacenter.

  • Agentless

    DC Scope connects via API to the vCenter and ESX to collect the information of your datacenter. You don't need to install any agents on the VMs.

  • On-premise

    DC Scope is an on-premise solution. All the information, metrics, and analysis are stored and processed locally.

  • Read-only access

    DC Scope does not make any changes to the infrastructure as it only requires Read-Only permissions from your vCenter.

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