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1. How the installation of our solution is made?

The installation of our server monitoring and virtual machine (VM ) solution is performed by deploying a VM in your infrastructure. The VM must be able to connect through the network to all hardware (servers , management card, ePDU , etc.) to monitor. The requirements of this VM are:

– 2 VCPU
– 8 GB RAM
– 250 GB disk space

2. Does your solution requires the installation of software agents or probes in servers ?

DC Scope is a non-intrusive solution (no agent on ESXi / neither on VMs)
Connecting to vCenter on port 443 with a read-only privileges account.

3. What is the default account of the machine ?

login: debian  password : debian1234

4. How to put an IP on the debian machine?

type the command : nano/etc/network/interfaces
the file opens .
Comment iface eth0 inet dhcp line by putting a # in front of the line
Uncomment ( remove the # in front of the line) the address and netmask lines then put the corresponding IPs .
If necessary uncomment also the gateway and dns- nameserver lines .
Type ctrl + x to exit, then press enter , and Y to save.
Restart the VM to take into account the changes, stop the vm with the hypervisor interface

5. How to connect to the DC -Scope interface ?

Type the IP address of the machine in a web browser, create an account and connect with it

6. How to connect to the DC-Scope interface?

Type the IP address of the machine in a web browser and you will be redirected to the login page.