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Recommended configurations:

VM Type Infrastructure vCPU RAM DISK
Extra small Less than 1000 vms 2 8 250 GB
Small Between 1000 and 2500 vms 2 8 550 GB
Medium Between 2500 and 5000 vms 4 12 750 GB
Large Between 5000 and 7500 vms 4 12 1.2 TB
Extra large Between 7500 and 10000 vms 4 16 1.5 TB
Extra - Extra large More than 10000 vms 4 16 2 TB

The installation of DC Scope® is performed by deploying a virtual machine in your infrastructure. The appliance must be able to connect through the network to all the vCenters or ESXi to monitor.

DC Scope® is a non-intrusive solution (no agents in the ESXi or virtual machines). You only need to provide the IP address of you vCenter(s) or ESX(s), and provide a read-only access.

login: debian  password : debian1234

Just type the IP address of the VM in a web browser and you will be redirected to the login page.

The default user credentials are:

Login: root
Password: easyvirt

When you download DC Scope® you will have a pre-activated License Key for 15 days. If you want to extend your trial for 15 days, you need to register your product by sending the Product Key of your installation and the number of virtual machines in your infrastructure to

  1. Click on the user icon on the top right of the screen.
  2. Select the option “Change License Key”.
License DC Scope 8

This is normal. DC Scope® is collecting information from you infrastructure. Initial analysis will be provided a few hours after the installation. Some modules require at least 48 hours of data before providing the analysis.

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