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DC Scope®

CloudOps FinOps GreenOps Capacity Planning AWS Azure

DC Scope® allows you to manage your vSphere infrastructure without complexity. It enhances the visibility over your data center, provides key data to increase the efficiency of your servers, and enriches the decision-making by providing real information about the behavior of your virtual machines.

DC NetScope®

Network flows Dependencies Protocols Ports Topology

DC NetScope® provides network insights into the different network layers in VMware infrastructures. The solution provides operational and interactive views of network flows virtual machines involved, metrics, ports, and protocols.

CO2 Scope®

Embodied energy Power consumption Carbon footprint Data centerCloudKPIs

CO2Scope® is a solution to monitor in real-time the CO2 emissions of IT services, virtual machines, and servers. Providing automatic KPI, recommendations, and guidelines to reduce the environmental impact of IT, and involving technical and management objectives.
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KPI indicators : Testimonial Sorégies with DC Scope – EASYVIRT

“DC Scope® of EasyVirt is a completely satisfactory solution for us because it brings us more performance and efficiency without adding investment from our part. Indeed, its innovative approach combining monthly expertise and software solution brings an outside perspective to take a step back and to analyze calmly over the...

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Clean VMs : Testimonial LNA Santé with DC Scope – EASYVIRT

LNA Santé is a leading organization in the management of temporary and permanent dependency. Our establishments offer patients and the elderly a support model that reconciles individualized projects in a reassuring collective environment. LNA Santé now has nearly 70 establishments across France and Belgium (EHPAD, SSR, Psychiatric Clinic, MRS, HAD);...

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