-Bug fix:
  *Update of cloud-pricing data
  *Green IT module.
  *Default views for the graph on demand.
  *New cluster overview organization.
  *Capacity Planning Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery simulations.
  *Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly consumption views for VM, Servers, and Clusters.

Bug fix:
  *Disk Latency information provided in the Datastores View.
  *Consolidation of data in the Green IT module.
Download 7.4.1

- Bug fix:
  * VM Lifecycle infos
  * Cpu ready % into GraphOnDemand / Alerts
  * Alerts notifications
  * API daily WD
- Features
  * Capacity Planning performance.

Download 7.3.1

- Features
  * Working days
  * Alerts (add filters)
  * Weekly Calendar View
  * Servers overview into report
  * ESXI install date information into Server Synthesis
  * Locations informations (Datacenter / Cluster / Server / VM) into Synthesis views
Download 7.3.0

- Features
  * Alert module
  * Powershell scripts for recommendations
  * Plugin for vCenter (6.5 U2 or upper)
  * Custom allocation templates for Capacity Planning

Download 7.2.0

- Features:
  * Reservation percentage for Capacity Planning 
  * New dashboard opportunities 
  *Â Detailed report for a given VM
  *Â API for requesting VM reports.

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