Green IT

Green IT

The Green IT module allows you to have unique indicators that are essential to monitor the carbon footprint of your infrastructure.

With the Green IT tab of DC Scope you are able to:

  • Monitor the evolution of the overall CO2 impact (direct and grey energy) of your data center.
  • Classify servers by energy efficiency.
  • Simulate changes in servers.

And above all, you can visualize the progress and changes in your infrastructure linked to:

  • Improved PUE
  • Change for less carbon-intensive energy providers
  • Increase the lifespan of your equipment.
  • CO2 Impact of replacing servers.
  • Stopping and or delete servers.
  • Reduction in the number of servers and virtual machines.
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Use cases


DC Scope provides the potential optimization plans for your infrastructure, based on the more efficient servers in your datacenter.

Simulation in the change of servers

DC Scope allows you to compare the current cost and efficiency of your servers with new servers in the infrastructure, with the objective to identify potential economic and environmental gains in the change of servers.

Sort servers by efficiency

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware