Green IT

Green computing

Your objective

Easily collect complex data

Monitor KPI and areas for Green IT progress

Identify improvement actions

Our mission

Since 2011, Our mission at EasyVirt has been to reduce the environmental impact caused by digital transformation in France and abroad.

To support this mission, we have participated in numerous projects, activities, seminars, and different research and development projects to improve and share technologies and best practices to reduce the environmental footprint of data centers and ICT.

DC scope by easyvirt

To improve the efficiency, optimization, and environmental and economic ROI:

  • Fewer servers, less impact (see cascade effect diagram).
  • Monitor direct energy for servers and virtual machines.
  • Monitor gray energy of servers.
  • Track the overall CO2 impact of servers and its efficiency.
  • Optimizations.


To provide a complete response, we have created an ecosystem of local experts who provide complementary services to our approach and allow us to address all the levers of digital sobriety.

IT Energy consumption

Study of the energy consumption of IT equipment in professional environments

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