Webinar vExperts: Meet DC Scope®

vExperts: Meet DC Scope®

19 May 2020

1st session 10:00 CET

2nd session 19:00 CET
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We at EasyVirt believe in the power of communities, we think that success is accomplished only by sharing and helping others to growth with us. We also believe that the success of every local VMUG, Usercon and the annual VMWorld relies on the hard work of vExperts distributed all over the world, who devote their time and skills to share their knowledge and help others progress while growing the VMUG community.

Join us in a session dedicated to vExperts where we will be presenting the solution DC Scope®, an intuitive solution to manage vSphere environments. During the session we will check all the different modules offered by DC Scope®, including the Cloud pricing module to compare the costs of your virtual machines in the public cloud. We will also be explaining the process to get the free non-commercial licenses of DC Scope® for your home labs.

We will be having two sessions on the same day, in order to allow vExperts from all over the world to participate.

First session at 10:00 CET : Tokio: 17:00, Mumbai 13:30, Sofia 11:00

Second session at 19:00 CET : New York: 13:00, Bogota 12:00, Los Angeles 10:00