DC Scope® collects, stores, and analyses the most relevant metrics of your infrastructure. It identifies issues that affect the performance of your virtual machines, servers, datastores, and datacenters. With the help of DC Scope® logs and graphs on-demand, you can then go back in time to check the status of your infrastructure at any particular time.

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Use cases

Graphs on-demand

DC Scope® provides granular metrics of servers and virtual machines in the graph on-demand module. You can compare the performance of virtual machines with other virtual machines or with its host.

Data center Views

DC Scope® provides exceptional visibility of your datacenter. It provides an intuitive interface to easily identify the distribution of allocated resources, most consuming virtual machines and the distribution of consumptions in your cluster

Synthesis views

DC Scope® provides synthesis views for your virtual machines, servers, cluster, and datastores. These views allow you to track the lifecycle of virtual machines, the weekly and monthly use of servers, the commission rates of your resources, the distribution of workloads in the cluster, and more...

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware