DC NetScope®



DC Scope®

The last version of DC Scope needs to be installed and running in the infrastructure.

vSphere Distributed Switch

Your VMware environment must be running an active version of vSphere Distributed Switch


1. Deploy the OVA

Download the OVA of DC NetScope® and deploy it in your infrastructure. Follow the deployment wizard, it will create a new VM in your infrastructure.

2. Configure DC NetScope®

Connect to the VMware console of the new virtual machine DC NetScope® and fill out the connection information to your vCenter.

3. Configure DC Scope®

Go to DC Scope® and add the URL of the DC NetScope® agent in the settings menu. This will allow DC Scope® to show all the information collected by DC NetScope® .

4. Configure Distributed Switch

Go to the “Networking” section of the vCenter and configure the Distributed vSwitches whose traffic you want to analyze via Netflow.

Enable the NetFlow monitoring in each one of the port groups that you want to monitor.

That's it! DC NetScope® is running

Request a license

When you install DC Scope®  for the first time, you have a pre-activated license key valid for 15 days for both DC Scope® and DC NetScope®.

If you already have a valid license key for DC Scope® you need to request a new license key for DC Scope® in order to access DC NetScope®.

To extend your free trial or renew your license key, please click on the Request Your License Key button, on the License Status menu in DC Scope®.

Additional questions?

Download now!

  • Quick installation

    DC NetScope®  is installed in less than 15 minutes (the time of deploying the OVA). After that, it automatically starts collecting information from your datacenter.

  • Ready to use

    Do not waste time in complex configurations. DC NetScope®  starts to collect metrics right after the installation and provides the analysis you need in predefined dashboards.

  • Easy to use

    DC NetScope®  has been developed from the needs of Network Administrators. The solution is easy to use and does not require any training or certification to be used.

  • Unbeatable price

    DC NetScope®  is affordably priced according to the number of VMs in the datacenter. The right solution at the right price!

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