Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Infrastructure Capacity Planning and Server Capacity planning requires measuring network, RAM, CPU and storage performance in your servers.

DC Scope® helps you to make the right investment decisions and anticipate the risks and needs of your projects by analysing the evolution and trends of growth in your infrastructure. With DC Scope® you can easily simulate What if? Scenarios to test the deletion or deployment of virtual machines, servers, or datastores in your infrastructure.

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Use cases


Follow the evolution of your infrastructure. DC Scope® examines the physical evolution of your resources and the trends in the creation and deletion of VMs in your datacenter and provides you with the saturation dates for your CPU, Ram, and Disk resources.

Resources for VMs

DC Scope® analyses the available resources in your datacenter and provides you with the number of virtual machines you can still create in your infrastructure or a specific perimeter (server, cluster). This analysis can be based on an average virtual machine in your infrastructure or based on customizable profiles.

Capacity Reports

With DC Scope® you can systematically create comprehensive reports from all your simulations. This allows you to generate capacity reports of your infrastructure before the addition of new clients or projects.

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware