DC Scope® analyses the behavior of your infrastructure and provides you with recommendations to improve the performance and reduce the waste of resources. It will help you to optimize virtual machines, servers, and clusters by guiding you through the process of deletion, resizing, or consolidation of elements. DC Scope® will help you to reclaim IT resources, improve data center efficiency and save costs.
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Use cases


DC Scope® analysis the resource consumption for all your virtual machines and provides you with sizing recommendations. It also provides different levels of sizing to improve the performance of the virtual machines, reduce the waste of resources, and make your datacenter more efficient.

VM Sprawl

DC Scope® identifies the unused virtual machines and virtual machines zombies in your infrastructure and provides recommendations concerning what to do with those virtual machines.

Cloud Pricing

The recommendations of DC Scope® can be applied to the Cloud Pricing calculator, allowing you to estimate the correct allocation of the virtual machines and its cost in the Public Cloud.

Discover how to easily manage your virtualization VMware