Operations Manager for VMware


DC Scope connects via API to the vCenter and ESX to collect the information of your infrastructure. We discover via the API all the VMs, servers, clusters, datastores in your datacenter and you don't need to install any agents on the VMs


DC Scope is an on-premise solution. All the information, metrics, and analysis is stored and processed locally in your datacenter.

Read-only access

DC Scope does not make any changes to the infrastructure as we only require Read-Only permissions from your vCenter. Recommendations and corrective actions provided in the interface of DC Scope can be exported as PowerShell scrips, to be executed by the administrator.

Easy + Fast + Intuitive

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What do we do?


DC Scope® collects, stores, and analyses the most relevant metrics of your infrastructure. It identifies issues that affect the performance of your virtual machines, servers, datastores, and datacenters. With the help of DC Scope® logs and graphs on-demand, you can then go back in time to check the status of your infrastructure at any particular time.


DC Scope® analyses the behaviour your infrastructure, and provide you with recommendations to improve the performance and reduce the waste of resources. It will help you to optimize virtual machines, servers and clusters by guiding you through the process of deletion, resizing or consolidation of elements. DC Scope® will help you to reclaim IT resources, improve datacenter efficiency and save costs.


The troubleshooting module of DC Scope® allows you to easily identify critical issues in your infrastructure, it provides you with accurate information on these issues and guides you in the process to overpass them. The troubleshooting module is intuitive, easy to use, and comprehensive. Additionally, the alerts and notifications module allows you to define alerts not only for the metrics in your virtual machines but also in the evolution, trends, capacity planning, and other indicators in your infrastructure.

Capacity Planning

DC Scope® helps you to make the right investment decisions and anticipate the risks and needs of your projects by analysing the evolution and trends of growth in your infrastructure. With DC Scope® you can easily simulate What if? Scenarios to test the deletion or deployment of virtual machines, servers, or datastores in your infrastructure.

Cloud Pricing

What is the cost of each virtual machine in your infrastructure? With DC Scope® you can track the costs of virtual machines, servers, and clusters in your datacenter. This analysis will help you to understand the cost allocated, used, and wasted on your on-premise infrastructure and for each one of your clients/projects. If you are considering the migration of your on-premises virtual machines to the public cloud, DC Scope® allows you to determine the instance and the cost in the public cloud of OVH, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Reports and KPIs

The KPI module of DC Scope® allows you to track the evolution of Activity, Capacity, Costs, and Health Status of your infrastructure. Additionally, with the reporting module, you will be able to set up automatic reports to track detailed information about your datacenter.

And more...

Graphs on demand, energy consumption, charge back, recommendations to resize and delete virtual machines, detailed and summarised views, Key Performance Indicators, simulations, multi-vCenters, multi-users, API support and more.

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  • Quick installation

    DC Scope is installed in less than 15 minutes (the time of deploying the OVA). After that, it automatically starts collecting information from your datacenter.

  • Ready to use

    Do not waste time in complex configurations. DC Scope® starts to collect metrics right after the installation and provides the analysis that you need in predefined dashboards.

  • Easy to use

    DC Scope has been developed from the needs of Systems Administrators. The solution is easy to use and does not require any training or certification to be used.

  • Unbeatable price

    DC Scope is affordably priced according to the number of VMs in the datacenter. The right solution at the right price!

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