DC Scope®

Operations Manager for vSphere

Improve the efficiency of your data center and reduce costs

DC Scope®

DC Scope® allows you to manage your vSphere infrastructure without complexity. It enhances the visibility over your data center, provides key data to increase the efficiency of your servers and enrich the decision making by providing real information about the behavior of your virtual machines.

From its intuitive interface, you can monitor your virtual machines, detect anomalies in your servers, follow the distribution of costs in your data centers, and more. The solution allows you to easily anticipate the need for resources and to simulate the addition of workloads and resources to your infrastructure.

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Key Features

Why are we different?

There are other popular and over-priced tools in the market, but they tend to add more complexity to the operations. DC Scope® has been developed from the real needs of system administrators and CTOs; offering the functionalities needed in the administration of the virtual machines and the direction of the infrastructure.

Fast ROI

DC Scope® allows you to resize virtual machines and consolidate servers in order to increase the efficiency of your data center.

Easy to install

Just one OVA to deploy. No need of agents on the virtual machines.


Developed to answer the common problems for system administrators, without adding complexity to the operations


DC Scope® is an affordable solution licensed per number of virtual machines in the data center.

Ready to use

DC Scope® starts to collect metrics right after the installation and provides the analysis you need in predefined dashboards.


No configurations needed. DC Scope® will start collecting metrics after its installation.

Packaged solution

All modules and functionalities in the same appliance.

Granular information

We collect and store in our own database granular metrics of your virtual machines.


Department of Drôme

The strengths of DC Scope® are with not doubt its ease of use, its vision tailored to infrastructure needs, and its ability to provide recommendations to improve performance and reduce wasted resources. The product is constantly evolving and enriching itself regularly. …

Department of Drôme Read More »

IMA Group – Inter Mutuelles Assistance

DC Scope® is with no doubt the easiest solution to install and use on the market. In two clicks, the information you are looking for is at your disposal. As a result, appropriation is easy and natural; and it’s easy to get back into the app. It is simple and efficient. …

IMA Group – Inter Mutuelles Assistance Read More »

LNA Santé

I used to spend about 10 days analyzing and processing data from the infrastructure, today I only need 2 days with beautiful automatic graphs that illustrate the activity! Out of 400 virtual machines, 10 have been deleted and 15 are now shut down to be deleted soon …

LNA Santé Read More »

City of Niort

DC Scope® assured us the best IT efficiency: use of our resources fully adapted to our quality of service. This efficiency is fully integrated into our Green IT approach to minimize our environmental impact: the end of oversized virtual machines equals fewer virtual machines, and therefore less power consumption. …

City of Niort Read More »

French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA

DC Scope® runs in the background, I do not have to be thinking about its operations, it is a real advantage of the solution. It captures metrics transparently and provides me with automatic reports periodically. …

French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA Read More »

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