DC NetScope®

Network insight for VMware

Discover the network interactions in your datacenter

Audit network flows and active ports of your virtual machines and switches

Visualize network traffic and ports used by applications and services

DC NetScope®

DC NetScope® provides network insights into the different network layers in VMware infrastructures. The solution provides operational and interactive views of network flows virtual machines involved, metrics, ports, and protocols. Additionally, DC NetScope® provides different levels of abstractions to understand and visualize the network traffic in the datacenter from the infrastructure layers (servers, virtual machines, distributed vSwitches), to the software layer (network ports, protocols, and applications).
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Understand the networking topology of the infrastructure

Gain visibility of the structure and traffic of the Distributed vSwitches, the Distributed PortGroups as well as the virtual machines and ESXi in the infrastructure.


Discover how to optimize network flows among virtual machines by analyzing the origin, destination, protocol, and ports involved in the exchange. Visualize the network flows of your services and applications, as well as the communication paths of your virtual machines.

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Validate security rules

Check that the security rules are applied in your infrastructure, by visualizing the network connections and traffic among each virtual machine in the infrastructure.

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Visualize and filter the main network protocols and ports used in the data center.

Identify the biggest traffic emitters for each protocol or port

Network insight for VMware in 3 steps

Deploy the OVA of DC NetScope®

Download the OVA of DC NetScope® and deploy it in your infrastructure.

Setup the Distributed vSwitch from vCenter

Configure the NetFlow collector of your Distributed vSwitches with the url provided by DC NetScope® agent.

Visualize Network insights in DC Scope®

Enable the DC NetScope® agent to the interface of DC Scope®


DC Scope®

The last version of DC Scope needs to be installed and running in the infrastructure.

vSphere Distributed Switch

Your VMware environment must be running an active version of vSphere Distributed Switch

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  • Quick installation

    DC NetScope®  is installed in less than 15 minutes (the time of deploying the OVA). After that, it automatically starts collecting information from your datacenter.

  • Ready to use

    Do not waste time in complex configurations. DC NetScope®  starts to collect metrics right after the installation and provides the analysis that you need in predefined dashboards.

  • Easy to use

    DC NetScope®  has been developed from the needs of Network Administrators. The solution is easy to use and does not require any training or certification to be used.

  • Unbeatable price

    DC NetScope®  is affordably priced according to the number of VMs in the datacenter. The right solution at the right price!

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