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French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA

DC Scope runs in the background, I do not have to question myself about its operation, it is a real advantage of the solution. It captures metrics transparently and provides me with automatic reports periodically. [+++] “French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA”

Edouard Garcia, Project Manager and Infrastructure Architect
French National Institute of Agricultural Research- INRA


Regarding the strengths of DC Scope, ergonomy, granularity of the measurements and graphics offered are a real plus. Moreover, the development team of EasyVirt is responsive and attentive to its customers. [+++] “ARMOR”

Nicolas Baudinot, IT Systems and Workstation Manager



Thanks to the analysis we were able to achieve a significant optimization: removal of 56 VMDK Zombies, (savings of 280 GB of storage), unnecessary 30 VM removal (480 GB of storage) and resizing of 143 VMs (1 TB, almost a third of the total memory of our released park). [+++] “CNIEG”

Claude Gamache and David Clement, Network technician / telecommunication


A solution to visualize / optimize the use of virtualized platforms and complete capacity planning. A well thought out Dashboard and VM Overview Synthesis view and the principle of “Recommendations” and “KPI” are real discoveries. [+++] “CETIH”

Christophe Bussy, Head of IT Operations

Synchrotron Soleil

The strong point of DCScope is the dashboard, it allows us to see immediately where the gains are and allows us to verify that the actions are effective. In addition to that, we can decommission ESX and unnecessary licenses. [+++] “Synchrotron Soleil”

Emmanuel Girard, Infrastructure and Production Manager
Synchrotron Soleil


DC Scope allowed to correlate “bad” experienced users with a high level of CPU Ready daytime; this validation the analysis allowed us to decline a quick action plan enabling us to correct this problem, the EasyVirt expertise allows us to validate these actions…. With EasyVirt, we are in capacity to easily justify our investments with our direction using indicators DC Scope and Capacity Planning module. [+++] “Sorégies”

Hugo Thomine et Laurent Poudret, Engineers and Security ICT Infrastructure

Le Mans Metropole

DC Scope Le Man Metropole

I use DC Scope® primarily to check the VM configuration, especially to see if they are not oversized. As for the strengths of DC Scope®, I appreciate the … Synthetic views of VM performance, the consolidation of operating statistics over several months and the possibility of presenting VM usage reports (some publishers are asking us for additional resources). [+++] “Le Mans Metropole”

Stéphane Gosnet
Le Mans métropole

INSA Rouen

It gives us a clear view of our virtualization infrastructure in terms of efficiency, problem identification and medium / long term projection.
EasyVirt also offers a very valuable consulting part in order to quickly identify the improvement points. [+++] “INSA Rouen”

Sebastien Bonnegent, network and IT administrator
INSA Rouen

City of Niort

DC Scope solution and associated guidance will allow us to be sure to have the best IT efficiency: use of our resources fully adapted to our quality of service. This efficiency is fully integrated in our Green IT approach to minimizing our environmental impact: end of oversizing, so less machines and therefore also ultimately less power consumption. [+++] “City of Niort”

Gabriel Proust et Cédric Jannière, IT Production and Technological Resources Service Manager
Ville de Niort

Nantes Metropole

DC Scope of EasyVirt give us a new vision on our IT stock of VMs, so we can allow us to rationalize our overall infrastructure. These reports have enabled us to delete, resize our VMs, avoid buying physical server gain serenity… [+++] “Nantes Metropole”

Matthieu Clavier, Head Architect
Nantes Métropole

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