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With DC Scope®, we are in capacity to easily justify our investments with our managers using the KPI indicators and the Capacity Planning module...
Nantes – Easyvirt VMware

Metropole of Nantes

"The reports, generated by DC Scope® have alowed us to delete, resize, and consolidate the virtual machines in the infrastructure. Avoiding us the purchase of new servers…"
INSA Rouen Easyvirt VMware

INSA Rouen

One of the highlights of DC Scope® is the monthly auto-generated reports as well as the graphics associated with the virtual machines and servers.
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LNA Santé

I used to spend about 10 days analyzing and processing data from the infrastructure, today I only need 2 days with beautiful automatic graphs that illustrate the activity! Out of 400 virtual machines, 10 have…
Niort – Easyvirt VMware

City of Niort

DC Scope® assured us the best IT efficiency: use of our resources fully adapted to our quality of service. This efficiency is fully integrated into our Green IT approach to minimize our environmental impact: the…

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