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Copie de “Une solution mature avec un partenaire à l’écoute de nos besoins” (1)

LNA Santé

I used to spend about 10 days analyzing and processing data from the infrastructure, today I only need 2 days with beautiful automatic graphs that illustrate the activity! Out of 400 virtual machines, 10 have…
Niort – Easyvirt VMware

City of Niort

DC Scope® assured us the best IT efficiency: use of our resources fully adapted to our quality of service. This efficiency is fully integrated into our Green IT approach to minimize our environmental impact: the…
Soregies Easyvirt VMware


With DC Scope®, we are in capacity to easily justify our investments with our managers using the KPI indicators and the Capacity Planning module...
Le mans métropole – Easyvirt VMware

The Metropole of Le Mans

At the time, the DC Scope® was interesting for us as we were looking for a way to optimize the RAM and CPU in our virtual machines and delay the renewal of our VMware infrastructure.
Nantes – Easyvirt VMware

Metropole of Nantes

"The reports, generated by DC Scope® have alowed us to delete, resize, and consolidate the virtual machines in the infrastructure. Avoiding us the purchase of new servers…"

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