DC Scope 7.4.1 is available

A new version of DC Scope is now available for download. This new version brings us to our roots of Green IT and sustainable development by adding a new module to measure, track, and reduce the IT environmental footprint of data centers. This unique approach takes into account the infrastructure as well as other IT devices used by organizations and provides key indicators of the impact of IT on the environment.

Additionally, this new version adds some features to reduce the time spend in troubleshooting and identifying activity trends in your virtual machines, servers, and clusters.

What is new?

New Green IT beta module

A new module has been developed in partnership with the sustainability consulting group Quantis. The module allows you to track the monthly CO2eq emissions of your datacenter and the devices in the infrastructure. The module includes the direct energy consumption of the data center as well as the gray energy (the energy consumed by the equipment during its manufacturing and recycling phase).

Weekly/monthly/yearly views

In order to easily identify the regular activity of your datacenter, we have created a weekly, monthly, and yearly view that provides the activity of CPU and RAM counters in servers, virtual machines, and clusters.

Capacity Planning with Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery

In DC Scope 7.4 you can define what to do with the virtual machines when you simulate the deletion of a server. This will allow you to easily simulate your Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan.

Graphs by default

The new version of DC Scope also allows you to define default counters to show in the Graph on Demand module, reducing the time you spend looking for the accurate counter for each resource.


Fill out the form to download the update file

Here are the different steps to deploy the update:

  1. In DC Scope: click on DCScope Status > Upload DC Scope Update, and upload the update file.
  2. From the VMware console, start the update installation process.
  3. Wait for the update to finish. This process can take several minutes depending on the size of the database, the number of users, etc.
  4. The update is completed by restarting the virtual machine.

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