DC Scope® Experience Feedback from INRA(the French National Institute of Agricultural Research)

Edouard Garcia, Project Manager and Infrastructure Architect at INRA (the French National Institute of Agricultural Research) gave us his opinion on the use of DC Scope®.


INRA is the first agricultural research institute in Europe and the second largest institute in agricultural sciences in the world. INRA conducts research in the service of major societal issues. The institute has more than 1,800 researchers and an environment of more than 1,200 virtual machines, multiple vCenters and nearly 80 virtualization hosts split in two DataCenters in different locations.

After 2 years using DC Scope, Edouard Garcia gave us his impressions of the solution.Discover the use of DC Scope® in a concrete case: privileged functionalities, advantages, main strengths, strong points, use, etc .


“First off, I met EasyVirt during an audit on the energy consumption of our IT infrastructure at our research center located in Betton”.

I had a very good connection with the CEO of Easyvirt and we decided to meet later, in order to know other activities of Easyvirt: it was then when I discovered DC Scope and after a trial period we decided to adopt the DC Scope solution.

Currently, DC Scope runs in the background of our infrastructure and captures the metrics of our numerous virtualization platforms.

In general, I use the tool as we have to:

  • make decisions about the capacity of our platforms and forecast our budget needs
  • during exchanges with the scientific clients of our platforms, in order to provide them with performance indicators and review of the resources they might need.
  • provide indicators to the hierarchy during steering committee.

As noted above DC Scope runs in the background, I do not have to question myself about its operation, it is a real advantage of the solution. It captures metrics transparently and provides me with automatic reports periodically.

In addition to DC Scope reporting, capacity planning and simulation capabilities (“What if”), I also enjoy working with a human-size company, based in France and able to listen to its customers: proximity is important for me today and is a real added value.

In conclusion, I recommend DC Scope to all decision-makers, infrastructure managers, and all those who drive virtualization platforms.”


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