VMUG Roadshow France 2021

The VMUGFR took us on the roads of France for its first tour!

September 16th 2021, marked the beginning of a great adventure: the VMUG France Roadshow. As a reminder, VMUG is the VMware User Group community. One month later, and after many interesting meetings, we are at the end of this experience.

At the beginning of 2021, after the shaken 2020 of COVID-19, months of lockdowns, and the endless days working from home, the VMUG France decided to innovate in order to meet closer with the community and came up with the idea of a tour, the VMUG France Roadshow!

From September 16th to October 14th, 2021, the VMUG FRANCE embarked us on this extraordinary tour. From Paris to Marseille via Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and Montpellier, the VMUG team and its partners traveled all over France for friendly, interesting, and enriching experiences with the VMWare community and the vExperts.

11 partners and 6 cities for the 2021 edition of the VMUG France Roadshow

Partners: EasyVirt / Neovad / Rubrik / Aviti / Dell Technologies / Metanext / Neoedge / Scasicomp / SYS1 / Cohesity / Axians France
Cities : Paris / Nantes / Bordeaux / Lyon / Montpellier / Marseille

Smaller than a trade show and closer to the community, the VMUG roadshow allowed us to meet VMware users and new friends in the France VMUG community. We were also able to talk to numerous partners about DC Scope®, which is now one of the most promising solutions on the market, facing international large competitors like vROPs or VeeamOne.

One of the major points that marked these meetings was the active listening to our approach to digital sobriety and Green IT. VMware users and partners do not see Green IT as a trend but as a reality that we all need to implement. A real satisfaction that confirms our mission and motivates us to keep working on tools to reduce the CO2 emissions of data centers and servers.